Our Youth Ministry is committed to encourage teenagers and young adults to choose Christ over all other enticements of this world. We provide scripture based instruction on how to lead a holy life and how to build their Christian attitude, faith and future families on the firm foundation in Christ. We involve the youth substantially in our worship service. They are also given responsibilities to facilitate worship service and to prepare short messages of exhortation. The youth members of our Fellowship routinely organize outings amongst themselves and use these opportunities to bring their friends to Christ and to the Fellowship.

TLF Youth

TLF Youth Director: Patty Alangaramoney

TLF Youth Leader: Jaison

TLC Youth

TLC Youth meetings are conducted every third Sunday of each month at the TLC facility. The meeting is primarily aimed at presenting and edifying the talents of TLC youth members for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and preparing them for the evangelisation of the Gospel. Our members ensure presenting various programs that are attractive and thought-evoking.

TLC Youth Director: Reshma Moncy