Our Children’s Ministry is committed to develop an environment of love, acceptance and creativity while learning about God. This ministry provides the opportunity for children to learn about Jesus Christ and how to lead a Christ-centered life, from their very early age. We teach developmentally appropriate Bible lessons and emphasize learning of the written Word of God by memorizing scriptures.  We foster both spiritual growth and personal development in each child. We create opportunities for children to identify and develop their talents and leadership skills as they grow and mature in the Fellowship.

Several events are planned throughout the year for children, to give them opportunities to demonstrate their talents. Various programs such as songs, skits, choreographic plays etc.. helps the children apply God’s word in their life.

The Children’s Ministry is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our Fellowship. Our children’s ministry is volunteered by teachers who have the love of Christ and cherish the moments spent with kids.

We love to have your children be part of this, so that they can be responsible and God-fearing citizens of tomorrow!

Our Co-ordinators for :

  • TLF – Rebecca, Leena & Stacy
  • TLC – Stanley, Sherin, Rebecca & Reshma